Purpose: The purpose of the organization is to promote and preserve the unity of all boom operators who have served or retired from Active Duty, USAF, USAF Reserve and National Guard, their widows and associates by providing:

  • Periodic reunions where a maximum of former comrades-in-arms may gather together to visit, display mementoes, and bring each other up to date on relevant events since the last reunion.
  • A central registry where current addresses of present and former boomers may be maintained.
  • A historical record of inflight refueling.
  • Rosters and newsletters as needed  


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Today is a sad day for the IFR Boomers Association. The founding father of the organization, Judge Brown, has passed away November 26, 2014. We were happy to have him back at the 2014 reunion in Tampa after missing him at previous reunions due to illness.

Judge Brown boom stowed, going to heaven.



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